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Why forwarders should consider air cargo digital bookings in 2022

Emerging technology is reshaping the way many industries are being run, especially in the freight and logistics industry. Over the last few years, and as economies continue to evolve, many companies across many industries are switching to technology as a new way to streamline their operations. The traditional ways no longer satisfy demand because offline processes struggle to keep up.

Air cargo booking has existed as a back and forth of email pingpong for freight forwarders for many years – causing rates to change and business to be lost. This old way of doing business and ineffective communication has cost forwarders time and money. is bringing a fresh perspective to air cargo booking through an e-booking platform. This platform allows forwarders access to real-time prices and available capacities of multiple airlines to “shop” through at any time of day or night – what is calling a “managed marketplace.” 

“When shippers send requests to forwarders, the forwarders then need to go to multiple different airlines to ask for quotes via email or phone call. Often, by the time they have gotten back to the shipper, the company has already assigned the shipment to a different forwarder who was quicker,” said Jakob Stein, expansion manager, North America at “With, we give forwarders the option to view multiple options all in one place and quote very quickly.”

The platform is also free to users and only requires a three minute registration.

While there are alternative air booking solutions like a general sales agent (GSA) or contacting an airline directly, these solutions can take time. E-booking solutions can eliminate time spent on searching and back and forth communication due to busyness – especially during peak season.

For forwarders, offers a free, user-friendly consumer experience for shopping capacity options and comparing rates. Once users decide, they are able to instantly book space for their shipments in a matter of minutes.

On the other hand, airlines also benefit from a digital booking system. For an airline, effectively markets its air freight products and services to buyers, like forwarders, who are searching for options and making purchasing decisions regarding shipments. 

“ connects directly to the back-end systems of our airline partners, so offers that are returned to our users are instantly bookable and instantly confirmed. Airlines are able to return multiple offers for each request spanning multiple dropoff and pickup times and across their array of premium products and services. This level of optionality and transparency ensures that the buyer knows the various options available and can make the best choice for their customer’s needs in a matter of minutes,” said Chad Tibor, vice president and general manager of airlines, the Americas at

While forwarders are being introduced to new airlines, airlines receive the similar benefit by being introduced to new forwarders – creating opportunity for more business on both sides of the spectrum.

“We help airlines enter the digital age. This has been neglected for the cargo side in the last decade and we partner with airlines to help them implement dynamic pricing, sell online and reach more forwarders overall,” Stein said. 

Tibor added that users are also able to modify, cancel, and track their shipments easily – which can eliminate the time lost through back and forth email and phone communication.

Details can change quickly or errors can happen – especially when dealing with manual paper forms. With a digital platform, it is quicker to make changes on the spot. The free platform provides its users a tool for managing and tracking shipments booked through the channel. This self-service tool can save airlines the time and expense of managing these interactions. 

“Freight forwarders today need to search, book, amend and track bookings seamlessly, within seconds and in one place. We help airlines deliver the full spectrum of digitalization benefits, and deliver a great offering to their customers at all times,” Moritz Claussen, founder and co-CEO of’s overall mission is to empower airlines, freight forwarders and the industry overall by allowing them the ability to win more business, keep shipments moving and work at speed.

“We want to become the tab you always have open on your browser when you’re looking for a shipment. We are dedicated to being a trusted partner with forwarders in their search for what rates are available in the market, in addition to always being there to help them solve any problem with our dedicated support team,” Stein said.