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Warehousing, drayage and how to sell your trucking company to Red Bull – WTT

On today’s episode of WHAT THE TRUCK?!? Dooner is joined by ShipHero founder Aaron Rubin. Rubin, who owned a lifestyle e-commerce brand, founded ShipHero after getting sick of sucky warehouse software options. We’ll find out how he’s simplifying the complicated for over 5,000 e-commerce brands.

Is the Port of Los Angeles back? JC Transport COO Ian Weiland brings us a port report straight out of SoCal. We’ll find out about the state of drayage and chassis and how import volumes are shaping up.

Trucking entrepreneur Heath Treasure has not only seen his parent company get sold to Red Bull, but he’s also intent on taking over the Northwest trucking scene with Super T Transport. We’ll learn all about how to build a successful fleet.

Plus, a daring Coast Guard rescue results in a “The Goonies” related arrest; first fully automated McDonald’s opens in Texas; Fifth Tesla Semi breaks down; dogs in the cab; and more.

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