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Used truck bubbles, alliance breakups and the impact of layoffs – WTT

On today’s episode of WHAT THE TRUCK?!? Dooner is talking about a big breakup at sea as Maersk and MSC dissolve the 2M alliance. FreightWaves’ Rachel Premack has the latest on what this means for ocean freight. 

Layoffs have swept through tech, leaving workers on edge that their positions could be next. BMM Logistics’ Morgan Gawlik talks about the psychological impact of layoffs and how the specter of them changes employee behavior. 

Plus, FreightWaves’ Alan Adler is seeing signs that the used truck market bubble is bursting.

We’ll also step inside the truck with Rooster and SuperTrucker as they talk about cooking in the cab, filthy rigs, apocalyptic family cars, Ireland’s ire,and what animals a trucker could beat in a fight.

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