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Unions representing machinists, utility workers have new sick leave policies at CSX

Add machinists and utility workers to the list of union members who have arranged sick leave agreements with CSX.

The International Association of Machinists (IAM) District 19 the IAM Rail Division reached a deal with CSX for sick leave, which will affect 700 employees, IAM said late Friday in a news release. 

IAM’s agreement calls for four paid sick days annually and the ability to convert up to an additional three personal days into sick days, fora total of seven potential paid sick days, IAM said. Unused paid sick time can be contributed to the employees’ 401(k) account, or it can be paid out at the end of each calendar year, IAM continued. 

“Our freight rail members have stood strong for so long in order to achieve this victory,” IAM International President Robert Martinez Jr. said. “We’re going to continue to wage this battle across the industry to win this critical benefit for all freight rail workers.”

NCFO also reaches deal

But IAM was not the only union to reach a sick leave agreement late this week. The National Conference of Firemen and Oilers (NCFO), which represents CSX’s utility workers, also reached an agreement over sick leave, according to CSX.

IAM and NCFO join the Brotherhood of Railway Carmen and the Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way – Employes Division in reaching sick leave agreements with CSX.

“CSX is very much committed to the wellbeing of all of our employees and their families. We have a great respect for the work they do in service to our customers and the nation, and we will continue to partner with them and their representatives to ensure they have the best possible employment experience with our railroad,” said CSX President and CEO Joe Hinrichs in a statement late Friday. “We appreciate the collaboration with IAM and NCFO, and are proud of the momentum we are building with our union partners to find solutions by working together.”

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