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Trucking’s turkey of the year – WTT

On today’s episode of WHAT THE TRUCK?!? Dooner is taking a look at how the industry is celebrating Thanksgiving and we’re giving out our trucking turkey of the year award. 

Just how far apart are autonomous and electric trucking technologies? We’ll get an update on the state of the industry from FreightWaves’ Alan Adler.

We’ll take a trip back in time with Rachel Premack to look at the life of an old school trucker during Thanksgiving, plus a look forward at what ACT research says about the spot market.

What is RXO? We’ll learn all about XPO’s latest spin-off from its vice president of technology, Alyssa Myers.

Back The Truck Up’s Rooster and SuperTrucker on drivers quitting during the holidays; taking food from strangers; Navy’s out of this world football uniforms; and a look at a new trucking movie, “Golden Arm.”

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