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Trucking bloodbath ‘22? – FreightWaves

On today’s episode Dooner and The Dude speak with FreightWaves founder and CEO Craig Fuller about the collapsing spot market and why he thinks a trucking bloodbath is imminent. Also, what will China lockdowns mean for the ports this summer?

Most electric trucks are designed in Silicon Valley by engineers who haven’t worked behind the wheel or under the hood. Edison Motors was started by truckers, for truckers. Chace Barber, CEO at Edison Motors, tells us all about their new electric truck.

The Port of Boston is big-ship ready and is expanding calls. We’ll hear the latest from Lauren Gleason, deputy port director, business development at Massachusetts Port Authority.

Can we achieve our goals of sustainability without collaborations? Sheldon Mydat, CEO at Suppeco, doesn’t think so and will tell us why.

Back The Truck Up’s Rooster and Justin Martin got the beat on UPS vs USPS, the British Truck Racing Association, and should drivers be able to smoke weed off duty? 

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