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Tractor-trailer thefts rose 23% in Mexico last year

The number of insured cargo trucks stolen in Mexico increased 22.9% year over year to 8,553 units in 2022 compared to ’21, according to a recent report from the Mexican Association of Insurance Institutions.

Kenworth tractor-trailers were the most stolen cargo trucks last year, totaling 1,902 units, followed by Freightliner at 714.

The report, titled “Theft and Recovery of Insured Vehicles,” indicated that 4,655 units were recovered after being stolen, which reflects a decrease of 8% compared to the same period a year ago.

Norma Alicia Rosas, general director of AMIS, said one reason for the uptick in stolen trucks could be attributed to increased freight on the country’s roadways.

“In 2022, when there was more mobility on the roads, we are talking about 8,553 stolen vehicles of heavy equipment,” Rosas said during a video news conference. 

Rosas said thieves often targeted cargo trucks carrying auto parts, which could be sold on the black market.

“There is a market for the illegal origin of auto parts and these have great relevance in the strategies of illegal markets,” Rosas said.

According to AMIS, there was an 80% year-over-year increase in the use of violence to steal trailers from roadways, yards and other facilities, totaling 507 incidents. 

The state of Mexico ranked first for stolen cargo trucks with 1,945 units, followed by the states of Puebla (1,107), Guanajuato (776), Veracruz (707) and Jalisco (630).

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