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Tipping, As Good As It Gets

Some tippers just get lucky. Not for them the crawl around the M25, or the daily grind of stop/start inner city working, discovers Alan Watts.
JUST A few tipper operators end up on open roads threading some of the greatest scenery our landscape has to offer. With boat trips to offshore islands thrown in as well.
Whose trucks win this tipper lottery? Surely, it’s the ones that belong to A McPhee Haulage Ltd, of Oban.
In a small coastal town of just over 8,000 people, if you need a tipper you are going to be calling Alasdair McPhee, who currently runs 16 of them. His father was a local coal merchant, and Alasdair started off maintaining and then driving their long-serving Bedford TK.
He tells the story like this: “I really grew up on lorries, and because we are remote from big cities the emphasis was very much on doing things yourself. We had all the tools and learned how to keep things running. A bit of the Samuel Smiles*, if you like!