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Test Ride: Nikola Tre – FreightWaves

On today’s episode Dooner and The Dude are talking about their test ride in a Nikola Tre. The controversial company is facing an uphill battle but with their newest vehicle in town, the guys had to go check it out. 

Plus, Dooner is back from Austin with his initial impressions of Hyliion’s Hypertruck ERX.

Carl Bentzel, Commissioner at Federal Maritime Commission gets us up-to-speed on the Maritime Transportation Data Initiative. 

What puts carriers at risk for nuclear verdicts and how can you mitigate that risk? Mike Precia, CEO & President at Fleetworthy Solutions has some advice. 

Is in-cab camera tech helping or hurting drivers? Adam Kahn, President at Netradyne talks about how their data is used.

Is the path of least resistance towards sustainability simply using diesel? Nick Roemer, CMO at Cibus21 shares how his company is on a burning mission drastically reduce diesel truck emissions. 

Plus, trucker’s shutdown freeway over rates; cargo theft up 18% at Mexican border; woman falls into outhouse retrieving cell phone and more. 

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