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Tenstreet digs deep into client success with new team

Companies across the supply chain have been inundated with new technologies and solutions over the past several years. As a result, many leaders are underutilizing their recently adopted tools, leaving money and efficiencies on the table. 

Most providers offer onboarding services when companies adopt their tools, and Tenstreet is no exception. Clients receive dedicated support from their account managers and advisors who work closely to understand their goals and train on best practices within the Tenstreet system. 

Tenstreet has taken this commitment a step further with the introduction of its Professional Services division. This new team exists to help Tenstreet clients reach their fullest potential and conquer even their most ambitious goals in trucking. 

Basic onboarding and high-level training materials are often not enough, as these resources tend to be at least somewhat standardized. While these offerings include valuable support  in how to achieve company goals, optimal configurations, and communicating the art of the possible, they don’t extend to customer-specific goal setting or addressing problems at an industry level.

“We are not just going in and retooling or establishing Tenstreet tools,” Justin Walters, Professional Services Team Lead said. “We are taking a deep dive into their businesses. We can take that knowledge and understand what they are going through on a day-to-day basis.”

The professional services team evaluates each client’s current suite of Tenstreet tools, then measures how effectively they are leveraging  those solutions. This process uncovers areas of untapped opportunity and offers a game plan for increasing efficiency. It also builds better relationships between Tenstreet and its customers. 

Lily Transportation has partnered with Tenstreet for a while now. While the company found Tenstreet’s solutions useful from the beginning, the advent of the professional services team took the partnership from good to great.

“As a result of the Professional Services, Lily’s relationship with Tenstreet has gotten stronger,” according to Valerie St. John, director of compliance at Lily. “Justin and the Professional Services Team took the time to learn about Lily’s culture, each person’s role, and areas for improvement.”

With the creation of the Tenstreet Professional Services team, this division of industry experts are able to spend the time and energy it takes to dig deeper into clients’ unique needs and create custom solutions. 

“The Professional Services Team helped to shed light on areas of opportunity that weren’t there before,” St. John said. “In-depth discovery helped us find opportunities for improvement for which we were able to create new structures resulting in new thought processes. It was also helpful to understand what Tenstreet tools are helping other carriers and how we could benefit.”

Tenstreet’s suite of solutions reaches across a plethora of verticals, including recruiting, marketing, onboarding, safety, compliance, and retention. The professional services team can drill down into each of these areas, spotting inefficiencies and teaching companies how to resolve them. Often, the problems that come up during this process can be solved through Tenstreet tools clients already have access to but have not been using. 

“Usually a company will tell us their goals, and then it takes about five follow-up questions to discover the root of the problem,” Walters said. “We allow them to see their businesses through another set of eyes and expertise.”

Once issues are identified and solutions are put into place, Tenstreet will work in lockstep with its  clients throughout the entire execution process, ensuring that the expected results are coming through. This continued attention also means that carriers can readily adapt their techniques if and when their business needs change.

Getting started is simple. The Tenstreet professional services team is available to assess, diagnose and optimize the operations of both new and existing customers who desire additional support or simply want to ensure they are not leaving money on the table. 

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