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State of small trucking – FreightWaves

On today’s episode Dooner and The Dude are talking about the state of small trucking. With spot rates cratering, inflation starting to crush consumer spending, and diesel costing trucks a $1 a mile – it’s time for a check up. 

SmartHop CEO and co-founder Guillermo Garcia shares the results of his company’s report on ‘The State of Independent Truckers and Small Fleets.” 

Tom Zeis, Partner at Port X Logistics shares how drayage has now become an integral part of the supply chain and how tech is being used to fix a broken system.

Andrei Unc, Vice President, Varstar Alliance talks about creating automation to work for people instead of against them.

Domenic Leo, Vice President of Growth, Alvys tells us how their TMS is designed to help small carriers.

Plus, diesel inventories in crisis; cocaine found at Nespresso factory; idiots in 4-wheelers and more.

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