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Shippers can take control of their logistics with end-to-end platform

Without data, business leaders make decisions in the dark. Up-to-date data is critical in guiding decisions in a complex supply chain. Clear, readily available metrics are essential, especially for shippers that are faced with an overwhelming number of options.

Many factors go into deciding which carriers to partner with for reliable, on-time delivery of freight. It can be risky to entrust a carrier without knowing its history, and unforeseen costs incurred due to shipping issues can drain profits.

Factors that turn a profitable shipment into one that barely breaks even can include the number of damages, cancellations due to longer delivery times, shipping overages and secondary invoices. Informed decision-making about carrier partnerships mitigates risks such as these and minimizes profit erosion.

Freight Club sees the future of smarter and more profitable shipping decision-making through technology. It aims to provide shippers with a competitive advantage in shipping and give them a sense of control of their logistics with its free, intuitive freight dashboard, Freight Intel.

Freight Intel brings all shipping activities onto one platform, allowing shippers to access all their data in seconds. Shippers can filter through every layer of data to make smarter decisions when it comes to booking their next shipments.

The dashboard simplifies data comparison by providing a transparent and real-time assessment of carrier performance, including an in-depth comparison of carriers across cost, speed and damage. Each carrier’s unique performance metrics are available, allowing shippers to discover their most efficient carrier mix to scale their businesses and increase profitability.

Before a load is booked, shippers need to answer a few general questions about carriers, including: Does this carrier make things more convenient or complicated? How often are its loads late? How often do shipments arrive damaged?

Freight Intel helps answer these questions and more. Some of its insights include:

  • Carriers
  • Service level
  • Damage rate
  • Overages
  • Transit time
  • Geolocation data

Despite all of the new entrants to the market, shippers are all vying for motor carriers with experience that have proven to be reliable. Instant data is needed to maintain a competitive footing with other shippers on the market in order to cherry-pick the best carriers among the crowd. 

Continued advancement of technology also means available data will continue to evolve. Shippers will need to adapt to this changing technological climate in order to keep pace with the competition.

Freight Club is answering this with its next wave of innovation. It plans on engaging AI and machine learning to provide accurate predictive insights into actual speed and damage rate expectations before shipments are booked. 

Freight Club is the only end-to-end freight shipping platform that effortlessly manages everything from quoting, booking and tracking to complete claims management and secondary insurance protection, with zero monthly cost. 

Its simple and scalable application programming interface integration helps shippers ship more, faster and more sustainably. In partnership with One Tree Planted, Freight Club offsets 100% of carbon emissions on every shipment — at no cost to its clients.

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