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Running on Ice: Partnerships changing the game

All thawed out


The leader in perishable risk management, Parsyl, has combined forces with the MVP in cold storage solutions, Lineage Logistics. Current customers who use Lineage for cold storage are estimated to spend more than $500 million a year on cargo insurance. The partnership with Parsyl aims to cut those costs significantly by creating tailored insurance coverage based on customers’ specific needs. 

This partnership is going to do more than just cut insurance costs for customers. Making premiums cheaper for those shipping temperature-controlled goods makes insurance more affordable and thus strengthens the food supply chain. 

Reduce, reuse, recycle: a motto that Regoods has taken to heart. Regoods takes reefer trailers at the end of their life and turns them into buildings. These structures range from 172 to 355 square feet. They could be kiosks, stores, exhibition spaces — you name it. This isn’t the traditional approach to turning containers into something more. Regoods repurposed the containers with no new metal; it only used bio-based wood. 

Temperature checks

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Leonard’s Express takes “safety first” seriously. The large refrigerated carrier, warehousing provider and brokerage has won the 47th Annual Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) Fleet Safety Award for fleets that travel between 50 million and 100 million miles. This is the second-largest category in the competition based on mileage. Leonard’s Express beat out fleets from across North America for its dedication to keeping people safe on the road.

Each year the TCA hosts its Fleet Safety Award competition designed to recognize 18 fleets for their commitment to safety. The competition is broken down into six mileage-based divisions, with first, second and third prizes awarded in each division. Winners are selected based on an accident-to-mileage ratio, a metric used to show how many on-road accidents a fleet has in a calendar year. If you’re needing a reliable temperature-controlled carrier, why not one with an impeccable safety record?

Food and drugs

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COVID shook up a lot of the food supply chain. One of the most surprising changes was the rise in frozen food and convenience food. With a string of lucky choices, Conagra has found massive success with the investment in its frozen foods and snacks. Seven years ago Conagra started focusing on quality products available in the frozen section. 

Through these investments, the company has been able to acquire additional brands such as Pinnacle Foods and Gardein. Gardein is the plant-based branch of Conagra that is thriving despite sales in the rest of the frozen plant-based category starting to taper off. 

Consumer attitudes are changing around frozen food. When eating out has become an expensive option, an easy trade down is to get a quick-fix frozen meal that involves minimal dishes. Easier and cheaper than spending $60-plus at a restaurant.

Cold chain lanes


The reefer market is heating up in Memphis, Tennessee. Outbound tender volumes are rising and taking the outbound tender rejection rate with them. Right now about 86% of all reefer loads are being accepted in Memphis. Capacity continues to be a little tight in the home of the blues. For those looking to book outbound freight in Memphis, give some extra time to get loads covered and expect rates to be higher than they have been lately. 

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