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Optimal Dynamics brings clarity to freight planning

Uncertainty has always been ubiquitous in logistics. With so many moving parts, load decisions quickly become complex. One choice affects another. If it doesn’t affect something today, it could tomorrow. Or maybe next week.

Shippers and carriers can be up against a wall to make decisions, and the choices they make may not be the most profitable ones. Empty miles, missed opportunities and late deliveries slash profits.

Optimal Dynamics aims to alleviate the uncertainty about freight movement today and in the future. Optimal Dynamics’ data-driven software-as-a-service uses high-dimensional AI — called — to improve and automate freight planning processes. 

The cutting-edge technology analyzes a breadth of data points to help users strategize for load acceptance and dispatch decisions. The platform is dynamic, allowing for flexibility when the unexpected happens.

The result of the integration of this technology into freight planning processes is a decrease in expenses, an increase in asset utilization and an automated system that reduces stress and boosts efficiency. The platform has already helped companies save tens of millions of dollars annually, according to Optimal Dynamics’ website.

Optimal Dynamics also recently became a certified integration partner with McLeod Software. This partnership will allow those that use both Optimal Dynamics and McLeod services to more effectively incorporate the strategic insights of into their TMS.

Daniel Powell, CEO and co-founder of Optimal Dynamics, said the integration will be “mostly seamless.”

“We spend as much time as we possibly can thinking about how we can get our tools in the hands of our prospective customers in a more streamlined manner, in a more impactful manner,” Powell said. “McLeod has countless customers in the midmarket and the enterprise space using their products daily, and they have done so over multiple decades.”

The startup is on track to continue its already skyrocketing growth in 2022. 

Optimal Dynamics has grown nearly fivefold since 2021, jumping from 11 employees to 52. It aims to double its staff over the next year, adding qualified professionals who understand both technology and logistics.

Outside of its numbers, Optimal Dynamics has continued to evolve because of the value it places on research and development. The company focuses on communicating with its customers each week about its product to get feedback in areas of both success and opportunity.
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