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Ohio train derailment, a broker-free load board and the dashcam defense – WTT

On today’s episode of WHAT THE TRUCK?!? Dooner is talking to FreightWaves’ Rachel Premack about the ecological disaster caused by the Norfolk Southern derailment in Ohio.

What do Bubble Wrap and beer have to say about the economy?

Riteload is trying to reinvent logistics with a broker-free load board.  Riteload founder and CEO Matthew Kane talks about everything that’s right and wrong about booking loads.

Not every driver loves the all-seeing eye of the dashcam but it’s hard to argue against how they’ve protected drivers and carriers in a court of law. J. J. Keller’s Rick Malchow talks about how dashcams can be your greatest line of protection against nuclear verdicts.

Back The Truck Up’s SuperTrucker talks about the best Valentine’s gifts for truckers; Zoox autonomous cars get approval in Cali; hazmat spills; cutting in line; and dumb truck stunts.

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