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Live demo preview: Stakeholders have more than just a voice with Turvo

A major attraction of FreightWaves’ The Future of Supply Chain live event in Northwest Arkansas on May 9-10 will be the 7-minute live demos. Here’s a preview of one of those demos.

“There has been a breakdown in communication.” It’s a phrase uttered daily throughout the supply chain world. One team might each use a different system for a load going through an organization. No one knows what their cohorts in the organization are doing. The supply chain world struggles with collaboration and visibility, internally, for now. Turvo is aiming to change that. 

Company: Turvo 

Demo Product: Turvo

What it does: Turvo provides a cloud-based platform for transportation management with a collaboration layer that unifies the people, processes and data — connecting every stakeholder in every transaction along the supply chain.

Who needs it most: Shippers, 3PLs, logistics providers and freight brokers. 

Key quotes:

Jeff Graan, the vice president of solution engineering at Turvo, gave some insight as to what we can expect from its software demo. 

“I believe that logistics is a team sport, and we know that 70% of the people involved in a single transaction or shipment work outside the four walls of the company managing it. Having a truly integrated technology that connects each stakeholder taking part in the order-to-cash process in any supply chain is necessary to empower a network to achieve efficiency and better ROI.

“The Turvo demonstration offers a view into how shippers, third-party logistics providers and freight brokers use Turvo to automate and manage orders, inventory, shipments and appointment scheduling at the warehouse. Turvo’s TMS and collaboration cloud offers a solution that creates higher margins and better ROI shared between all business partners in the supply chain.”

The 7-minute challenge:

“The magnitude of value and efficiency that Turvo brings to supply chains with its collaboration model is difficult to capture in a 7-minute demonstration, but the power of the automation and ease of use is something that is quickly revealed in a short amount of time. Viewers can expect to grasp the significance of the product to the industry within the time frame that FreightWaves offers for the demonstration.

“That being said, every customer is unique — and there is so much more we can demonstrate with more time with a custom demo and we’d be happy to set one up at any time at,” Graan said.