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Live demo preview: It’s all connected — Redwood Logistics

Countless applications promise to solve different challenges of a supply chain. Those solutions include anything from visibility tools and invoicing to carrier network building and transportation management systems. If there is a different app for everything and multiple logins and systems to manage, it creates a nightmare for end users just trying to update a small detail on a load. 

It would be so much easier if everything that solved your problems were connected. Well, now they are. 

A major attraction of FreightWaves’ The Future of Supply Chain live event in Northwest Arkansas on May 9-10 will be the seven-minute live demos. Here’s a preview of one of those demos.

Company: Redwood Logistics

Demo product: RedwoodConnect 

What it does: RedwoodConnect unites physical and digital supply chains and enables you to build composable, real-time data pipelines.

Who needs it most: 3PLs, freight brokers, logistics service providers, shippers and startups.

Key info:

  • Redwood Logistics, a leading logistics platform company headquartered in Chicago, has provided solutions for moving and managing freight for more than 20 years. 
  • The company’s diverse portfolio includes digital freight brokerage, flexible freight management and logistics consulting all wrapped into a revolutionary logistics and technology delivery model — Logistics Platform as a Service (LPaaS). 
  • Redwood connects a wide range of customers to the power of supply chain management, technology and the industry’s brightest minds. 
  • During this demonstration, gain an inside look at RedwoodConnect’s innovative architecture, plug-and-play systems, and open ecosystem that provides optimal optionality, profitability and control.