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Live demo preview: EchoShip the one-stop shop

Shippers tend to have issues with supply chain visibility. Software after software makes claims about streamlining company processes and being the one-stop shop for all shipping needs. Rarely do they fully deliver on that.

Typically there are issues that stop a full integration, or payment processing still has to happen on another platform, increasing the amount of manual labor.

In case you weren’t aware, the The Future of Supply Chain event in Northwest Arkansas on May 9-10 is coming up, and FreightWaves has extended the March Madness ticket prices. Included in that ticket price are the most exciting things, including multiple seven-minute live software demos. Here’s a preview of one of those demos.

Company: Echo 

Demo product: EchoShip

What it does: EchoShip is a self-service shipping portal for less-than-truckload and truckload shippers that enables quotes, booking and processing of payments.

Who needs it most: Shippers, 3PLs and freight brokers

EchoShip gives the flexibility to leverage rates and work more efficiently while also keeping a record of historical quotes, shipments and items. The all-in-one platform allows users to streamline their processes without doubling up on work and manual processes. 

The LTL quoting tool is complete with a density calculator that allows the most accurate rates to return.

This platform is powered by data science, a future Echo invests in to empower data scientists to build higher-performing platforms for clients.