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Live demo preview: Drivewyze Safety+ helps fleets grow safely with technology

A major attraction of FreightWaves’ The Future of Supply Chain live event in Northwest Arkansas on May 9-10 will be the seven-minute live demos. Here’s a preview of one of those demos.

Drivewyze, a leader in connected truck services and operator of the largest public-private weigh station bypass network in North America, is showcasing its Safety+ safety suite during its live demonstration. 

Drivewyze Safety+ prevents incidents and citations while minimizing the coaching burden on fleet management. Drivers receive in-cab notifications before potential hazards, giving them more time to respond to the road ahead, and management gets targeted reporting on high-risk locations, so it’s easy to identify drivers who need attention without sifting through hours and hours of events. Leverage Drivewyze’s library of alerts or easily create personalized locations that matter most to each fleet, and let drivers know the fleet is serious about safety.

COMPANY: Drivewyze, 

DEMO PRODUCT: Drivewyze Safety+ platform


WHO NEEDS IT MOST: fleets and drivers, DOT inspection sites

Key Quotes

“We moved safety from passive to proactive. Other platforms tell fleets what happened after the fact. Drivewyze Safety+ was designed to help drivers avoid accidents in the first place — we provide in-cab alerts of upcoming trouble spots so drivers can slow down and be more attentive.”

Brian Heath, president and CEO of Drivewyze, outlined some information on the Safety+ platform after the company was named a FreightTech 25 award winner in November.

“It can help prevent speeding infractions by warning a driver of an upcoming ‘high-citation zone,’ and provide an alert for an upcoming high-rollover corner — those are just two of many trouble zones responsible for impacting crash rates and CSA scores. What’s more, managers can easily create their own alerts for their own trouble zones. And, at the end of the day, Drivewyze Safety+ even lets drivers know the number of parking spaces available at an upcoming rest area in select states.”

Brian Heath, president and CEO of Drivewyze