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Live demo preview: Data just Zuum’s through the network

Software integration is key to most successful shipper and broker relationships. However the gaps in the integration of two separate companies’ software are quite large. Full integration for a shipper’s entire order processing system flowing through all the way to the carrier’s bill of lading is rare if not impossible to attain. Constant workarounds and manual processes to allow automated processes to work hinder improvements and efficient work processes. 

A major attraction of FreightWaves’ The Future of Supply Chain live event in Northwest Arkansas on Monday and Tuesday will be the seven-minute live demos. Here’s a preview of one of those demos.

Company: Zuum

Demo product: Zuum Beyond TMS 

What it does: Optimizes freight network management

Who needs it most: 3PLs, freight brokers, logistics service providers, shippers and startups.

Key info:

  • Zuum is a logistics technology company that is transforming the transportation industry.
  • Zuum is the first to offer connected dedicated software and solutions for manufacturers and retailers (shippers), freight brokers, and trucking companies (carriers) as well as a digital freight marketplace to book capacity as part of the Logistics Super Platform.
  • Products allow customers to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations while simultaneously automating their transportation networks.
  • Zuum’s mission is to defragment the logistics industry through collaboration and partnerships.
  • Experience how Zuum optimizes freight network management. 
  • With real-time visibility, Zuum Beyond TMS maximizes efficiency, enables exception management, automates back-office tasks, provides real-time visibility, automates notifications and check calls, and increases productivity.