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Live demo preview: Automate what you hate — RPA Labs

A major attraction of FreightWaves’ The Future of Supply Chain live event in Northwest Arkansas on May 9-10 will be the seven-minute live demos. Here’s a preview of one of those demos.

Automate what you hate. A phrase that has taken over the global supply chain. Anything that can be improved and free up a person to do anything else is considered a win.

However, not all of the automation solutions are created equal. “No touch” is rarely that; people will still be around to cover what machine and software development miss. It’s rare to get something that truly automates and improves processes start to finish while seamlessly integrating into a company’s current platform.

Company: RPA Labs

Demo product: RPA Engage 

What it does: RPA Labs provides a full-service solution in robotic process automation for companies in supply chain and logistics that are buried in emails, documents and inefficient processes.

Who needs it most: Shippers, asset-based carriers, 3PLs, freight brokers, logistics service providers and startups.

Key info:

  • Quote inquiries, shipment tracking and load creation requests can be completed in seconds using RPA Engage. A combination of conversational AI, machine learning and natural language processing allows software bots to immediately respond to customers in seconds. 
    • These AI-driven software bots can read booking and tender PDF documents or emails and extract the necessary data elements to create loads in customer TMS systems such as Turvo.
  • Software bots help companies scale without adding more people by eliminating manual, repetitive tasks, so you can offer a better experience for your customers and workforce.
  • Conversations, documents and workflows can be automated seamlessly, with software bots bridging the connection between raw data and operating systems.
    • By reducing the amount of time spent manually managing processes, RPA Labs’ solutions allow key staff members to reclaim countless hours each week to focus on developing new business strategies and personalizing customer experiences.