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FreightWaves’ most engaging history stories in 2022

There has been a continuous stream of attention-grabbing news in freight and logistics over the past year. Some of the stories were unfortunate mishaps and negative breaking news, whereas others dealt with breakthroughs in technology and collaboration. But many called to mind similar events from years past.

FreightWaves Classics shared several stories that reminded us that history often repeats itself, others that taught valuable lessons and some that were just plain shocking. These articles spanned sectors including air cargo, ocean freight, trucking, rail and more. 

Here’s a look at some of FreightWaves Classics’ most talked about stories of 2022.

Recovery mission continues for cargo airplane — 70 years later

In 1952, a C-124 flew straight into a remote Alaskan mountaintop, killing all on board. Here’s the story of what it’s taking to bring the deceased’s remains home. Read more. 

The deadliest bridge collapse in modern history

Thursday marked the 55th anniversary of the Silver Bridge collapse in West Virginia and Ohio, regarded as the deadliest bridge collapse in modern history. A minor flaw in one of the eyebars, No. 330, that formed the suspension bridge caused it to fail, according to a video course at Open University. It was located on the Ohio side of the bridge. Read more. 

20-year mystery on the sea solved

The U.K.’s largest sunken merchant ship met a dramatic end. But no one knew what actually happened until 20 years after the disaster, thanks to the families of the crew who fought hard for answers. Read more. 

A look back at Old Shaky, the famed Douglas C-124 Cargomaster II 

As far as aircraft go, the Douglas C-124 Cargomaster II was a vital waymarker for the U.S. Air Force in the years following the Berlin Airlift, when U.S. and British air forces began airlifting food and fuel to a blockaded West Germany after World War II. Read more. 

Spruce Goose took flight 75 years ago

This year marked the 75th anniversary of the one and only flight of the Hughes Flying Boat, the so-called Spruce Goose. The aircraft was conceived during World War II, when there was a growing need to get men and supplies over to England and Allied ships were being sunk at an alarming rate by German submarines. Read more.