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Finding drivers getting easier; making hires harder — Taking the Hire Road

This week on Taking the Hire Road, host Jeremy Reymer, founder and CEO of DriverReach, sat down with Bruno Stanziale, CEO at recruitment efficiency platform GoToro, previously known as Find a Trucker Job (FATj).

Stanziale has a strong leadership background across many industries, but his expertise primarily lies within technology development, optimization and commercialization. He now puts this knowledge to use in the trucking industry.

“My background has always been technology and product development first, but recently my focus has shifted toward taking it and applying it in a commercially reasonable manner and solving pain points using technology,” he said.

Stanziale and the team at FATj rebranded as GoToro a couple of years ago, with the aim of setting the company apart as a technology provider that meets all lead generation needs for trucking companies.

“Recruiters at companies of all sizes are managing an ecosystem of needs — it’s not just drivers, though that’s the bulk of it,” he said. “We realized [at FATj] that there’s a better way to develop more technology to help solve recruiting problems — a single source of technology to do everything — which led to where we are now as GoToro.”

According to Stanziale, GoToro also wanted to have a brand that embodied the spirit of the American trucker and others in the industry. GoToro’s bull mascot “symbolizes the vitality and strength of the worker,” he said.

GoToro differentiates itself from its competitors through its products and the peripheral packaging and services surrounding the product, according to Stanziale. 

“We set out to be a recruiter’s best friend,” he added. “When it comes to advertising and recruiting efforts, the market for everyone involved in the industry changes — it’s not static. We created a system that takes a trucking company’s hard-earned ad budget, and we hold all the job boards and social media venues accountable on an hourly basis. We are a technology-driven traffic cop.”

With this data-driven approach to recruiting, Stanziale boasts that the team at GoToro can successfully deploy customers’ ad budgets efficiently. And when a negative shift in ad spend is detected, GoToro will then make changes across the budget to ensure those dollars are being used wisely, he added. This has resulted in satisfied customers with more time and a larger number of qualified leads.

“We also want to solve for recruiter fatigue. Recruiters really want to sit back and do what they love — dealing with people and evangelizing on behalf of their trucking company, and if they are stuck trying to navigate all the avenues available to find drivers, they get burnt out and they can’t make great decisions,” Stanziale said. “We take this burden from them so they can be more people-focused.”

To learn more about GoToro, visit its website.

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