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ELD tracking changes the game for real-time visibility

Not all that long ago, real-time, end-to-end visibility was considered a perk. Shippers could only expect this type of tracking on a small number of loads, depending on the size and technical skill of their broker and carrier partners. Over the past few years, however, on-demand visibility has shifted to a consistent expectation.

Brokers and carriers of all shapes and sizes are able to offer top-notch visibility to shippers thanks to the widespread technological advancement that followed the ELD mandate. 

“Visibility is the key to brokers providing the high quality of service that their shipper clients expect,” Trucker Tools Chief Revenue Officer Tyler Ford said. “Their service and the access to the visibility of any given shipment is only as good as the compliance the broker is able to provide through the carrier.”

The importance of ELD tracking has gained a lot of traction as more carriers have achieved fully implemented ELDs across their fleets. Having high compliance through both ELD and app tracking is critical to providing the visibility shippers want and now expect.

“ELD tracking has changed the tracking game in a very positive way,” Ford said. “Prior to the ELD mandate, brokers had to rely heavily on check calls and through mobile app tracking with the carriers that hopefully would accept it and use it.”

Just because the technology to provide end-to-end visibility is available does not mean every broker and carrier uses it. Plenty of companies are still operating behind the curve, while others — like Trucker Tools — are paving the way for the next iteration of visibility expectations.

“Shippers need to focus on working with brokers who have a visibility strategy that covers as much of the landscape as possible,” Ford said. “Shippers need brokers who have great carrier relationships who they can rely on to track their shipments through their ELD integration. If they have carriers where that’s not feasible, they have a secondary plan with mobile app tracking that carriers like and has the best compliance.”

While the perks of visibility for shippers are obvious, providing standout visibility has several benefits for brokers and carriers, as well. Offering real-time tracking helps companies win business, allowing them to bring in more revenue and build strong relationships.

“The perk for carriers, specifically, is that their guaranteed compliance through one-click ELD integration will make them more attractive to brokers looking to lock in high compliance for their shipper clients,” Ford said.

Trucker Tools consistently reports quarterly compliance rates of 90% to 100%, landing it among the top 10 service providers on shipper scorecards, according to the company’s website.

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