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Drone delivery, dock efficiency, freight recession and truckers’ sense of dread – WTT

On today’s episode of WHAT THE TRUCK?!? Dooner is talking about the state of drone delivery. FlyTrex CEO Yariv Bash shares the latest in unmanned aerial delivery and what we can expect from the industry in ‘23.

We’ve been in a freight recession for nearly a year, but what does that say about the greater economy? AIT CEO Vaughn Moore talks about how this year will be a tale of two halves.

This year started with travelers feeling first hand how the cost of inaction can sting. But is SouthWest all that different than your own dock door? C3 Solutions CRO Greg Braun shares how an inefficient dock costs you drivers and customers.

New study says more than ⅓ of drivers could wash out of the industry this year. FreightWaves Joe Antoshak authored the report and is here to share what it all means.

Plus, flatbedding TIE Fighters; east vs. west supply chain war; trucking birds; and would you quit for $2,000?

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