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Check Call with Jim Bivens: You’re awesome. Let’s talk!

On this week’s episode of Check Call, host Mary O’Connell and Jim Bivens, recruiter at Armstrong Transport Group, Boise, Idaho, talk about recruiting a powerhouse team and the importance of having full support for new employees.

As everyone begins to start hiring college grads, is it just about the resume or is it all about the personality?

Also on the podcast is a quick rundown of the lockdowns in Shanghai and the slow reopening process. Some plants continued to function at reduced capacity during the lockdown by operating “closed-loop” systems with workers living within the campus instead of returning home. Now the government-picked firms also must keep employees at factories and warehouses to avoid contact with the public and reduce the risk of transmission.

Got any pain points or things you wish were better in the supply chain and the world of transportation? Contact O’Connell to be on a future episode of Check Call.

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