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The e2open Carrier Marketplace a win-win for shippers and carriers

Matchmaking is still largely hit or miss with today’s digital freight markets. It’s simply not enough to offer connectivity without capabilities that make it easier for shippers and carriers to do business.

The problem is that digital freight marketplaces aren’t nearly as connected as one might think. Shippers looking for consistent, reliable and cost-effective capacity still face challenges identifying, qualifying and onboarding new carriers. 

As a result, shippers are passing up on cost-saving freight bookings every day. Likewise, carriers with available capacity aren’t bidding for loads that could help increase revenue and efficiency. On both sides, the inability to see profit-maximizing opportunities means they’re settling for less with every shipment. 

With the e2open Carrier Marketplace there’s no need to look any further. 

The robust marketplace offers expanded connectivity options that streamline carrier enrollment and procurement processes, making it easier for shippers to bring new transportation partners into the shippers’ network. 

Delivering lower costs and less idle capacity, e2open Carrier Marketplace cultivates relationships and scalable growth for all parties — a marketplace in which shippers and carriers both leave with exactly what they want.

With over 60,000 loads flowing through its 29,000-plus road carrier network every day, e2open Carrier Marketplace ultimately delivers a platform where carriers and shippers can meet their match.

For the first time, e2open is putting data at the center of what has traditionally been an emotional and anecdotal decision for shippers. Through the new Procurement Discovery process, shippers are gaining newfound confidence to add reliable, vetted carriers to their networks. Carriers have access to objective performance data to present to prospective customers, giving them opportunities to grow their business by connecting to more shippers and moving more loads.

Matchmaking is made easy through the network’s Certified Carrier Program, which leverages performance metrics of participating carriers to help drive connections between shippers and carriers. The ability to better identify top-performing carriers from a network of trusted partners is giving shippers greater opportunities to increase service and lower cost while alleviating the concerns of shippers who may typically feel wary about introducing new carriers into their networks.

Carrier partners have also taken note of the real-time data that the e2open Carrier Marketplace uses. What’s more, new API solutions are set to continually increase the efficiency of rate quoting and load board offers, among other processes such as document uploading, billing and messaging.

The e2open Carrier Marketplace offers four value-based pricing levels to suit the scalable needs of any carrier. Each option primes carriers with increased connectivity that builds stronger shipper relationships, keeping freight flowing and their trucks loaded.

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